Clear. Natural. Ultra Purified. AEA Certified. Pure Emu Oil.
Emu Oil Works. It relieves pain, heals burns, moisturizes skin, conditions hair and reduces scarring. Our emu oil is ultra purified, yielding a natural, ultra refined and crystal clear oil that is almost twice as effective as other brands. Using a patented purification process, we have removed the solid crystals resulting in an ultra pure oil that is absorbed in minutes.
Emu Oil is a complete source of the essential fatty acids (Omega 3 and Omega 6) that aid in the regeneration of healthy skin cells. Our Ultra Clear Oil has also proven to be instrumental in alleviating certain skin conditions.
Emu Oil Works Oil is 40% More Effective Than Other Brands.
Burns : "Emu Oil is amazing. I burned my hand when I was taking a hot dish out of the oven. I applied emu oil immediately on the burned skin and provided instant relief. Typically a burn like this would blister and leave a scar, but because I used the oil, I was free of pain and scarless. I always keep a bottle of emu oil in my kitchen."

Diaper Rash : "I use Emu Oil on my baby's diaper rash. The oil is absorbed quickly and leaved the skin soft and conditioned. And the best part is that emu oil is 100% natural."

Stretch Marks : "I used emu oil during and after my pregnancy and I am completely free of any stretch marks. It is unbelievable. Emu Oil Works, I could not believe how soft and beautiful my skin looked and felt after each application."

Cancer Treatment : "My husband had to undergo radiation treatment for his throat cancer. We used Emu Oil on his neck and shoulders during and after the treatments. The quick absorbency of the oil not only tremendously helped soothe the irritation of the burned areas, but also prevented scarring."
Tattoo Aftercare : "I used Emu Oil on my recent tattoo and I am glad that I did. The oil kept the skin moisturized which greatly reduced scaring and also saturated the color. The touchups on this tattoo were minimal compared to the others I did not use emu oil."

It Just Works : "I am a true believer in the miracle of Emu Oil. It is my goto for so many problems like sunburn, bug bites, sprains, arthritic pain, acne, itchy scalp, hair loss, burns, cuts, cold sores and sore muscles. There really is nothing that this oil can not tackle."

Relief from Sciatica : "I have been using Emu Oil for my Sciatica pain for almost 8 years now. I first learned about it from my neighbor who mentioned that a show on the Discovery Channel was talking about this amazing oil that the new guinea aborigines have been using for thousands of years. It has done wonders for my pain relief. I am grateful that I was introduced to the healing properties of this all natural oil."
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